Another New Web Design for the Studio

The Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio web site has a new look.

The Studio has been busy and we needed a new design to be more portfolio orientated. Now it is more convenient to view projects the Studio is working on.

One of the special characteristics of the new design is that it is virtually tableless. There are many advantages to using CSS techniques to style the content rather then tables. For starters, loading is much quicker, as sections of the site will begin to display before the entire site is loaded. With a table based web site, all of the elements with in a table must be loaded before anything is displayed. The web site can also be much more fluid. Notice how the content fills the browser window, no matter the size of your display.

Other improvements to our site include more flash, more portfolio items, more detail concerning our individual services, and a sharper design. Also, the php programming is used effectively to create dynamic content.

The new site represents Kirk Peters Multimedia Studios commitment to keeping up with the latest web design techniques and providing our clients with effective web and multimedia solutions that fit into their budget.

Kirk Peters
Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio