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Responsive Web Design

One of the major trends in websites over the last few years has been Responsive Design.  Responsive Design is way to design and program a website so it looks good at any screen size. This is import because of the

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) have become crucial part of website construction.  Clients want to have greater and easier control over their sites content.  They do not want to have to engage a web expert when making simple modifications to their

Kirk Peters Content Management System

Now with all Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio websites, customers can have a custom built content management system. A password protected backend to the site, the manager allows users to be able to add, delete and reorder the pages on

Another New Web Design for the Studio

The Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio web site has a new look. The Studio has been busy and we needed a new design to be more portfolio orientated. Now it is more convenient to view projects the Studio is working

A Simple Guide for Search Engine Optimization

What is the point of having a web site if no one can find it? A high search engine ranking is something we would all like to achieve with our web sites. This month’s article is how the high-end SEO

What is Anamorphic Widescreen Video?

More and more video is being shot in a 16×9 aspect ratio. The standard 4×3 that we are all used to is slowly going away. Widescreen video fills the newer widescreen televisions, more closely mimics high definition video, and is

The Ins and Outs of Domain Name Registration

I hear the same questions from my clients again and again. What should my domain name be? How do I get a domain name? How do I transfer my domain to your server? I thought I would take some time

Web Optimization: Making Your Content as Small as Possible

So you have designed a top notch website for yourself and are ready to convert to HTML or Flash. The quicker you can deliver your content to your final users the more likely they are to read it. So how

How to Design DVD Menus Like a Pro: Part 2, Structure

How a DVD menu is put together can be just as important as how it looks. A poorly executed DVD menu can be frustrating to understand and to navigate. This can result in a poor experience for the final user.

Kirk Peters Multimedia Studio Launches New Website Design

Kirk Peters Web/Multimedia Studio grew so quick over the course of last year that the simple web concept I had come up with at the beginning became overwhelmed with all of the additional information continually added to the site. Hopefully