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Choosing a Hosting Scenario

Are you paying too much for your web hosting? Are you getting the most out of your website? Can you easily change your website? Do you even know the password to access your site? These are all important concerns when

Burning DVD Video to Minimize Playback Issues

Keeping it short this month, here are some quick tips on how to burn a good DVD. 1. Start with the good stuff. This is not as important with ROM data, but if you are burning DVD video, cheap is

Kirk Peters Web/Multimedia Studio Begins Web Hosting

I am excited to announce that Kirk Peters Web/Multimedia Studio now offers hosting as part of the core services we provide to assist the multimedia community. We are sub leasing the server space from a very reliable, nationally based server

Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly

To compete in today’s market, it is essential to have a website. What exactly do you want to accomplish with your website? If you want your website to be a point of entry for new clients, then chances are you

How to Design DVD Menus Like a Pro: Part 1, Computer Graphics to Video

You have created a brilliant video. You have utilized a insightful combination of images, graphics, and sound to truly convey your message to the public. Now it would be nice if they could see it. Out of the many ways

Kirk Peters Launches

Are you ever putting together a flash presentation and find yourself unable to do something rather simple? You know it only takes a few lines of code, but trying to look it up in help leaves you wading through pages

Kirk Peters Starts Freelance Career

I would like to update everybody with respect to Kirk Peters Web/Multimedia Studio. It has been off to a successful start. There seems to be great demand for Flash development, and I have been able to complete a number of