Kirk Peters Content Management System

Now with all Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio websites, customers can have a custom built content management system. A password protected backend to the site, the manager allows users to be able to add, delete and reorder the pages on the site. It is also possible to modify page content in a very simple online text editor. The Studio can create many custom feeds (blog entries, news articles, portfolio pieces, etc.) for use on the site. Feeds can be added to, altered, deleted from and reordered. The content manager can also be used to upload and manage files on the server.

The advantage of Kirk Peters Studio Content Manager is the simplicity. Prepackaged content management systems (such as joomla) can be a hassle to install. Their use can be hard to learn, due to the over amount of functions, most of which will never be needed. Our quick and easy content management system is custom programmed just for one particular site, containing the functionality needed for that site and that site alone.

Call Kirk Peters Multimedia Studio today and ask how we can integrate our content management system into your website and take control of your websites maintenance.