Kirk Peters Multimedia Studio Launches New Website Design

Kirk Peters Web/Multimedia Studio grew so quick over the course of last year that the simple web concept I had come up with at the beginning became overwhelmed with all of the additional information continually added to the site.

Hopefully the new site is easier to navigate and finding the information you need to make an informed choice is simpler. Here are some of the highlights of my website:

The home page pulls together a more concise listing of all of the services I can provide the multimedia community.

My portfolio adds credibility to my services by showing you some of the many project I have been a part of over the years.

In the articles section I try to share some of my knowledge and experience with my clients and colleagues.

I have had dealing with literally hundreds of companies over the years and in the links section I try to share the companies with which I have had the most positive experiences.

If you are are just starting with Action Script, the tutorials area can give you some basic examples to get your started.

Finally, I have some examples of my flash work. One is a rehash of my portfolio and the other is a more in depth look at my bio and experience.

Kirk Peters
Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio