Responsive Web Design

One of the major trends in websites over the last few years has been Responsive Design.  Responsive Design is way to design and program a website so it looks good at any screen size.

This is import because of the way we are currently interacting with websites.  Not only do we view them on our desktop computer, but on our various pads and smart phones.  Websites need to be easily navigated regardless of the size of the display screen.

Using various techniques involving html5, css3, and javascript a website can be programmed to adjust its layout based on the size of the display.  No longer are sites shrunk down to tiny size on a pad.  There is not need to create and maintain a totally separate website for smart phone use.

When using a smaller display: menus can be simplified, multiple columns can become one column, images can be rescaled to fit.  All while maintaining the same data architecture.

Kirk Peters Studio has done nothing but responsive content since 2013.  We are well versed on the latest techniques to make your site accessible across the most number of devices.