Web Hosting

Website HostingFinding good, reliable web hosting can be a daunting assignment. Getting quick technical support from large hosting companies is difficult, and the smaller companies may not have reliable equipment. What you get from The Studio is much more that you can get from most hosting companies. We can not only provide you reliable web hosting, but we’re also a partner capable of maintaining your site for you. Need another email account? Need to make a simple text change on your site? Need to troubleshoot a problem? Usually you would need to pay someone to perform these tasks, wait on hold for hours at a big hosting company, or learn to do them yourself. But Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio includes these services and more with the hosting package!

The Studio has a dedicated sevrer from a very reliable, nationally based server company. The server is a Linux based system that supports PHP, MYSQL, Apache ASP, SSI, CGI, and Perl.

Hosting with Kirk Peters Multimedia gives you the best of all worlds. You get the reliability of a large serving company and the hands-on technical support of a smaller organization. Monthly hosting starts at $15.00.

Call 412.716.6585 to discuss your hosting needs.