Website Programming

Website ProgrammingWebsite Programming is a specialty at Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio. Working with you, I can create a website from scratch, program one from your design, or just update your current site. Websites can be molded to fit into your budget.

Your website will be responsive. This means it will adjust to display on any device, no matter how big the display.  Try it yourself.  Narrow the width on your browser and notice how this site rebuilds itself to accommodate the new size restrictions.

Your website will have a content management system.  I work a lot with WordPress, which is a very comprehensive content management system that allows you full control over your site.

Your website can have a contact form, blog, events calendar, news feed, photo gallery, message board, social icon buttons, animation, shopping cart or anything else you need.

Your website will be internal optimized for the search engines, and therefore reach a larger audience.

I can handle any of your Website Programming needs.  I can programming e-commerce solutions involving paypal,, stripe, or any other financial gateway.  I can create a membership site to manage your members.  I can handle any type of custom user interactivity that you may need.

Kirk Peters Web Multimedia Studio has Website Programming expertise in the following areas:

  • html 5
  • javascript / jquery
  • php/mysql
  • css 3
  • asp-net
  • flash
  • xml
  • video
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • shopping carts
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

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